Saturday, 14 March 2009

World spins, I'm part of it...

That's nicely obscure, but somebody might know from whence it came..

Anyway, this is just a teaser to say "yes, I haven't forgotten I said I would do a tute on the magic lining for the box pouch"... I've been very busy this week, had to go out to our offices way out west (well, 47 kilometres from home) twice - the first time was Monday, when it was raining quite heavily & I thought "I'll go by public transport". I got on a bus at 7.07am (it's printed on the ticket) & walked into the office at 9.20am. Two hours, 10 minutes. The workshop I went out there for started at 9.00am & my bit was from 9.00-9.30. Can you imagine how I felt? Apart from very very cross, I was hot, bothered, hungry, tired and embarrassed. Thursday, I drove. 75 minutes, door to door. ''Nuf said.

Anyway, that's my excuse for not getting out to the world between last time & now. Good news is that both my lucky birthday people loved their gifts, man, have I ever got good taste or what?, and my lovely DSSIL bought the jumbo pyramids & toilet bag I made for her. I love seeing those "Congratulations on your sale' emails in my in-box :-))

Anyway, I will be posting the instructions this afternoon at some point, I keep hearing that tutorials are hard to do well, so we'll see.

Stay tuned people.