Thursday, 10 April 2014

I think I need to go back to work...

Rhetorical, really.  No, really.

Anyway, what with all the excitement of the wool-gathering (oh, terrible pun!), I forgot that I have made some more stuff...

For my Nephew D & his lovely spouse T, parents-to-be of Great-Baby E, another giraffe, this time slightly scaled up, and may I say, sooooooooooo much simpler to make than the small fiddly one:

This is a great pattern, with the horns cleverly incorporated into the head.  Stuffing him was a pain, because I didn't want the somewhat large head to wobble, but I also didn't want the neck to be too thick... anyway, I used some of my precious Michael Moore Giraffe Garden on this guy - did I mention the last of the Citron version went on the little Bro?  If anybody has a stashload of that fabric and they're willing to unload at a reasonable price, send me a note!!!!

And then... A penguin for Miss Grace, who has been a really stalwart buddy over the last six months - and this guy stood up - thank you Sewing Goddess for helping me make the pattern modifications!

I made him in the leftover Japanese fabrics that the fabulously huge quilt is made of - speaking of which, I must take that to be quilted tomorrow.  So exciting!! 

And then Miss Alix & Mister Claude in London had Baby Girl number two - and I wanted to make them something that was pretty but not too cutesy vomity pink, you know - so I did a rabbit, shown here in the beautiful wrapping from Little Paper Lane (although the purple tissue did enter the Golightly household courtesy of Miss Blue Lambb).  The eagle-eyed amongst you may recognise the fabrics as being the same as another, slightly tubbier rabbit.  Well.  Who says fat girls can't wear stripes?

And I made Apple the Rabbit, for Mr Golightly's great-nephew, Isaac.  I hope some of you get the joke, because I'm not explaining it.

And then there's the Classical rabbit, for Great-Baby E, in an interesting colour choice, which both parents-to-be loved - Mrs T because dark red is her favourite colour, and Mr D because he loves the neo-classical elements you find in damask... Nice to have such an educated bunch in the family, isn't it?

That's it.  Tomorrow I'm going to have another go at making this in fabric, not felt, having already upsized (is that even a word???) them by 50%.  I'll keep you posted (another dreadful pun!!!).


And I'm going to...

Anybody got any suggestions what I can knit with 6 balls of Jo Sharp Alpaca Silk Georgette, in the gorgeous "pebble" colourway?  I don't know why I do this, but I always do.  I buy just enough yarn to make half a cardigan, or a jumper for a midget.  Sorry, vertically challenged person.  So irritating.  I want to knit myself a jumper, and I've found the pattern I want - v neck, loose, bit of interest, not too challenging (although I am a competent knitter, you understand, I can't read a pattern & watch TV at the same time!!) - and here's what I found:

Image courtesy of JesikaJack

I love the colour of her jumper, too, but I'm knitting it in Lana Gatto Jaipur, in the blue colourway, simply because I had enough balls of this to get started without worrying about running out soon, and also because I found 14 balls of it on the fabulous Internet here, at $3.00/ball.  The original price was probably around $12 or $13/ball, so I was able to buy enough to finish the jumper for just $40 odd.  That's amazing, especially because, according to the pattern, I need 21 balls.  21.  FMD.

Anyway, I now have these six balls of Jo Sharp Alpaca Silk Georgette, which is discontinued, in the beautiful grey, and no idea what to do with them.  Socks? Too thick.  Shawl?  Too old lady.  Hat?  Too late, I've done Rome'n.  Hahhahahahahah Oh I'm so funny sometimes.  Sorry.

Ahem.  Anyway, if anybody has any suggestions as to where I can get more of this beautiful yarn, at a price that doesn't involve selling Mr Golightly's body parts, or even better, some sensible suggestions about what I can do with six balls, I'd be grateful.


Thursday, 3 April 2014

Busy, busy

So, Gentle Readers, what-up?  Just kidding.  I've been busy making stuff, fiddling with Instagram (you can find me under "IsabellaGolightly26", where my icon is the incredibly tubby rabbit I made some time ago as the tester:

Including this, for my Nephew and his Lovely Bride, who are expecting their first baby in July:

And this, for my good friend the Jaxster, whose daughter is expecting a baby... sometime soonish.

 And here she is, with her scaled down siblings - this Heather Bailey bird really knows how to make good patterns, I have to say.  Plus she liked some photos on my Instagram account.  Woot...

I confess to be looking for a job in a somewhat desultory fashion, checking the online sites and applying only for those things that grab me... So far the daily diet of washing, cooking, sewing, coffee and internetting (is that even a verb?  It should be!!) has not palled, but I'm sure it will soon, as there are only so many things one can make, although I have turned the poor neglected Sydney Pies quilt into a cot quilt for Great-Baby (insert Niece or Nephew here) E, which gets it out of the UFO box, and I've also finally pieced the last of the Japanese fabrics into a whole quilt top.  

All I have to do now is put the top sashing on, and send it off to the quilter.  I was going to hand quilt it, but it's huge, and life is too short.  I am hand-quilting the Sydney Pies, and I promise pictures when it's morphed into a baby giraffe quilt.  You'll see soon enough.