Sunday, 17 May 2009

And here it is...

Amazingly not that much later, a finished phone case, as a gift for Dot:

Thanks to Michelle at for the pattern (I adapted this one to make the glasses case, too!).

And the glasses case for my lovely M-I-L, to keep on the outside of her handbag.  Apparently she gets sick of rummaging round in her bag for the existing one, so I invented this - it's just a variation on an old idea, but she can hook it onto her handbag strap & it won't be going anywhere!  I also padded it with some quilt batting, and  next time I'll know to cut that a bit smaller.  Quite a bit of work with the stuffing tools was required to get it all inside itself at the end!

The glasses case was just 2 pieces of focus & lining fabric, 4" X 7.5", or 10cm X 19cm  & two pieces of batting a bit smaller, stitched into the lining, to make it good for glasses.  I also interfaced both focus & lining, which I probably wouldn't do next time I make one of these, because the friction between the interfacing & the batting makes it hard to get the stuffing to sit still.  If I could find a supplier of fusible batting, I'd get some of that!

Hope she likes it!

Good news for me, not so good...

for my loyal Etsy-based fabric suppliers!  I have found the perfect fabric store, just 8 minutes from home.  Amazing.  The Cottage Quiltworks, at Bilgola Plateau, is exactly what you could hope for in a fabric store - local, chock full of fabric delights only glimpsed tantalisingly on the internet, staffed by real, friendly people, and open on a Saturday morning!  I was so mesmerised I spent $200 in there in one go (it wasn't hard, because I did buy two books at the same time as the odd scrap of fabric) - they have everything, from those fantastic Japanese linens I bought earlier this year, or last year, right through to ikat-style, japanese-type prints & of course the lovely amy, tanya, anna-maria, erin & jay.  I feel like Christmas has come very early, except that I'll be spending a lot more money, because of the huge savings I'll be making on postage.  That's my excuse, anyway!

On an interesting note, I bought this pattern & I'm going to attempt to make one of these for one of my colleagues, who has two phones with her at all times, one for the ex & one for her daughter.  I think they should invent a multi-SIM phone, myself.  That could solve a bunch of difficulties!

And these also arrived, which is very exciting, and I'm off now to make something lovely to put in the shop.