Sunday, 2 January 2011

Christmas 2010

Mr Golightly excelled himself this year (not) on the Christmas Front.  Not only did he fail to provide me with a slushy mushy Christmas Card declaring his undying love, devotion and gratitude for the myriad ways in which I make his life complete, but he also forgot to buy me a present.  Ahem.  Lucky for him I was way ahead of the game... I bought myself one.  I've been acquisitively admiring these earrings for a while, and bought them for myself without realising the role they were going to play at Christmas...

Frog sterling sterling silver stud earrings. Mini Zoo.

Christmas Day was spent at the Hendy's, with Secret Santa occurring just before Dinner.  For the Gentle Readers who may be unfamiliar with the concept, it is also known as Kris Kringle - all names go into a hat, and a person's name is drawn out with another person's name.  You then buy for that person, one gift.  That way it keeps the cost down, and the stress.  Only problem is... I did the draw at MGF Kaz's house, and promptly lost the Secret Santa Assignment pieces of paper before telling everybody who had whom.  So guess who ended up without a Secret Santa gift out of the eight people in attendance?  Io.  Me.  I.  Moi.  

I didn't really mind.  I have more than enough stuff.  I don't need any more things, I really don't, and I got a kick out of seeing what was in everybody else's parcel.  I'm not 11 any more,  I don't need those boardgames now.

However, some amongst the assembled throng felt bad for me, especially as Mr G had also forgotten to bring/buy me something for non-Secret Santa Christmas.  So, these little earrings, which I took with me just for Show & Tell, became the rescue present - you know, like the boxes of Cadbury's Roses you keep under the tree in case of the arrival of unexpected Gentle Readers.... Lucky for him!

In other news, a photo of the spots is in order, so you can see I wasn't over-exaggerating:

And also the unwelcome visitor to my mother's sewing room:

*Shudder*.  I had to leave the room PDQ* after I saw him.

And finally, Mr Golightly and Gus share some Christmas Joy:

I think it's lovely when you can bring happiness to the animals, don't you?


*Pretty Damn Quick

Return from the Wild, Wild West

Welcome, Chullora, West Roxbury, San Francisco... just a quick question (and no pressure here, none at all, norsireebob)... if you're popping in to read, why aren't you signing up to follow, hmm?  Is it because you don't want anybody to know you were here, or to recognise your mugshot on the side?  Why do you think my photo looks like a frog, hmmmm?  Just wondering.  No, really!

Anyway, we're back, Gentle Readers, I have a little tan to show off, and a lot of spots.  Just before we went away, I was attacked (actually, that's too gentle a word.  It was more like they were stalking me & then they pounced...) by hordes of biting midgees, or midges, depending on which hemisphere you're in) - I have more than 50 bites all over my arms & legs, and for the first few days of the holidays, I was a red, itchy mess.  Then I was a red, pink and not so itchy mess, as my lovely Ma took pity on my state and slathered me with calamine lotion (praise the inventors!), and got some Polaramine down my throat.   Now all I have to do is resist the urge to scratch the healing bites so I don't end up with spotty scars.  It's hard being tarred with whatever it is they like - I was out with My Best Friend, the Kidlets and Mr Golightly, and I was the only one bitten.  Ho hum.

We had a lovely relaxing Christmas staying with the Very Lovely Hendersons, who were kind enough to take four almost complete strangers into their house, feed us, wash for us, cook and clean for us and not let us do anything at all, except provide the services of the resident Chef, who did what he does so well, which is effortlessly produce beautiful food.  Turkey, ham, pork, steak, crayfish, prawns... in addition to vegetables, salad, and sweets/puddings/desserts galore.  I think I've put on three kilos this week.  Easy.  I'm going to eat nothing but fruit for the next week, just to see if I can get rid of the spare tyre I've reacquired.  

So, what did we see?  Here's some piccies, but I will write more later, as the 3-hour time gap has finally caught up with me, it's 9.00pm by Perth time & so I need to go to bed.  I'm still itchy, you know.

Reminds me of...

After a fire

Mr Golightly appears to have lost something.  His mind, perhaps?