Saturday, 28 August 2010

Life's odd, isn't it?

All I'm going to say is that bits of my week away were lovely.  I spent some quality time with my lovely Ma & Hank, the dogs, the beautifully landscaped garden, did a spot of sewing and I took some nice pictures.

I also picked up Giardia, probably at the Airport (the toilets were pretty gross, I have to say) - and I've had what they so delightfully refer to as 'explosive diarrhea', which you probably didn't want to know... but if you're still reading, there are some nice pictures.

and I did a little bit of sewing... but I bought some lovely fabric at a great shop, which doesn't have a website, otherwise I'd have included the link - Handcrafters House, full of lovely fabrics, patterns, sewing machines, and really nice staff, and here's a sample, hanging on the lines drying: