Sunday, 31 January 2010

Doc Rosie and the Pencil Cases

That, to me, gentle reader, sounds like a much more interesting title for a book than "Little Kev hides his head in the sand about Asylum Seekers", or whatever it was called, but what would I know?

Anyway, I had a lovely visit with my very good friend Doc Rosie, who just happens to be the mother of the very lovely Clare, the brains and talent behind Lulu Carter.  And said lovely Clare hadn't been to the Golightly house since we rescued it from Pinkdom, and I think she liked it.  She was taken with the small but perfectly formed room, that's for sure (well, the contents, anyway!)...

Anyway, she stayed for a drink or two and some nibbles, we had a fabulous chat about craft, fabric, the ownership of 'original' ideas, who are the evil sisters and the wicked step-mother in the Cinderella world of craft, then she whisked young Master Carter away from the Frigits, and we had a fabulous time, eating, drinking and talking, and this time, we managed to stay away from this, which is good, because the last time we got together we polished off half a bottle, and I had a nasty encounter the next morning with pineapple juice that ended up with me chucking up said pineapple juice over the lawn.  You really wanted to know that, didn't you?  

Then I had the almost obligatory Sunday afternoon nap (these ten hour working days are really starting to take a toll, y'know?), and then sat down to make pencil cases, using Spotlight's best floral cotton drill.  When the recipients are five and three, I'm not going to use my best French linen, sorry!

For Tehya:

And for Kyla:

I love the Matryoshka lining fabric, which Mr Golightly's lovely niece Emma bought home from Amsterdam. 

And now, gentle reader, the cricket calls, and it's early to bed, early to rise makes Isabella less tired and grumpy than she is now!