Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Gone to...

Sunbury, Victoria and Doonan, Queensland, that's where.  The second lot of lavender bags sold in about 2 hours, which is really nice, and today, Gentle Readers, I will be whipping them up & sending off via Australia Post.  And I may even put another lot in the Disaster Relief Shop.

In other news, a few days of stinky humid weather has left me feeling tired, but the ceiling fan is doing its work at night, except last night, when I was clammy and restless - but I think that's more to do with the ear thingy - did I mention the ear thingy, Gentle Readers?  Yes, I did.  Yesterday, finally, after much procrastination, I got to the doctor. 

After exclaiming over the sand-fly bite scars on my arms and legs (worst she's seen, apparently), she told me I have a Eustachian Tube dysfunction, which is an infection not in the ear itself, but in the Eustachian Tube, and what I've been hearing is the movement of air in the Tube, trying to equalise itself.  Sounds terrible, doesn't it?  No pun intended.  

Anyway, antibiotics for the ear, antibiotic eye drops for the impacted eye and no flying for a week or so.  Simon, cancel the jet for Tahiti*.

In crafty news, I went to Cottage Quiltworks yesterday & chose backing fabric & binding for Miss Nelly's quilt, spending an inordinate amount of money, but it will look fantastic when it's done.  The quilting turnaround takes about six weeks, but is, apparently, usually quicker - I've left it to the discretion of the quilting lady, but with the caveat that the quilt owner is 11 years old & definitely not too girlie - so hopefully it will come back a masterpiece.  Pictures, I promise.

I also bought a nice maroon & green (no, really!) fat quarter to make up for the lady from Victoria who bought one of the sets of lavender bags, she was very happy to oblige with a suggestion, and the Queensland lady wanted earthy tones, so that was pretty easy.  I also slashed the second quilt (being extremely careful to line up the seams) again, and here 'tis, just waiting to be sashed:

which I'm hoping to do today, after I return from my outing to Town (Aussie readers may remember that ad for Spray Fresh, where the farming family goes to town about twice a year and they all have a shower or bath before going?  It was called "Don't waste a wash" - but the key part was the whole family going "Town?  Town!"... sorry.  Seniors moment there...) with My Best Friend and the Kidlets - and so, Gentle Readers, I must away to the bathroom, make myself respectable and find suitable clothing.  

It's going to be 25°C today, and the sky is grey, but I'm sure it's going to be hotter than that once the sun warms up and burns all the clouds off - so... shorts, t-shirt?  Linen 3/4 pants & shirt?  Pants & shirt?  Oh, decisions, decisions.  Maybe I'll just go naked.  Easy.


*Another ad from the '70's, for Imperial Leather soap.  Try YouTube.