Sunday, 20 September 2009


What a month September is turning out to be..although I'm not doing the 45 hour thingy anymore, I'm still pretty tired when I get home, but it's the routine - leave work at about 5.30pm, get a bus about 6.00, arrive home about 7.20 (yes, really), make dinner, lie on the lounge like an exhausted beached whale, go to bed, get up at 6.30am and do it all again.... and so far this month, I've been to Perth, the Hunter Valley this weekend, we've got THE WEDDING next weekend, the annual Festival of the Boot the weekend after.  I want a holiday!

However, I did spend some productive time sewing yesterday, for the first time in a couple of months I was able to spend some quality time talking to my sewing machine... maybe the trick to producing stuff is not to have too much fabric choice?  I took 3 linens & all those nice cottons (the pink, yellow, blue & green series) for linings, six ribbons & some zips, and I didn't have any problem chosing what to make!  

Some small items for the shop, then, after an age of not putting anything in there:

These are the perfect size for phone, credit cards & cash - these are the same size as the one I made for myself a while ago...

I spent some quality time with the best dog in the world, too - she's recovering nicely from her 2nd knee reconstruction, and is now walking (and falling) freely - but she was fine in the water, swimming with the swans:

And we went up the road to visit the French Quilter, who is making a gorgeous quilt using this:

Gorgeous... but apparently there isn't any more of that gorgeous red & blue to be had - shame!

Kaz's good friend Morag Laird came up for a visit too, and she made me some co-ordinating buttons:

And I took some flower shots in the French Quilter's garden:

And the surrounding landscape:

And then we played with the swans:

And I relaxed.  Can't you tell?