Wednesday, 20 April 2011


When I was in Primary School I got a bit of a key fetish & started collecting them from all over the place.  I think it stems from my unquenchable desire to open locked doors & find out what's inside.  I still think a locked door holds the most interesting secrets.  Don't ever invite me to your house, I'll be snooping before you can say "cup of tea?"...

One of my fondest moments (and there were very very few) of high school is that at our Year 10 Farewell (that's Fourth Form, or when we're 16 for those of you who labour under the incomprehensible American high school system), I was presented with some cheap, nasty green and blue plastic keys from a baby's rattle.  No idea where they are now.  

Anyway, I made a key treasury the other day, which I thought I'd share with you, and also a picture of this beautiful key, which I bought on Etsy:

italian vintage key No.53

Too gorgeous for words, and infinitely better than green plastic.