Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I made it myself...

I made a couple of these little guys for some people I know - one for my lovely friend GMcD, whose birthday it was the other week:

And one for Jo, at Diary of a Sad Housewife; I feel for her, she's in a crappy situation & sometimes the small things can help to cheer you up:

I love that each one of these guys has their own personality, their own life, and even though I cut them all from the same pattern, they all come out differently (and so cute!!!) - but how creepy is it that their eyes follow you round the room?  Just kidding.  Although the day they start talking back, I'm in trouble. 

I also got these in the mail:

& I'm trying to decide if it's okay to make frogs with fabric with owls on it - I guess it is - who's going to tell on me?  Aren't these gorgeous?  Suggestions please!