Thursday, 7 October 2010


He's here!

Delivery date is Friday.  I don't want to spoil the surprise in case the lucky owner happens to read this (unlikely, she's 10 & has no internet access on her PC) but I feel I should wait until he's been handed over before doing the big reveal.

Today, Remaining Gentle Readers, news from the West is good, with a positive outcome from the latest visit to Specialists, so I'm a bit happier.  Also, Mr Golightly & I are jetting off to Bali on Sunday, where we've never been, for some quality time with lovely Ma & Hank, and we're staying here, which should be amazing.  I intend to return with the tackiest souvenirs I can find, for distribution amongst family members and friends, so if you're one of those & you're reading this, watch out.

Today I will also go to the post office & post off the frogs I made for Alix & Claude's wedding, which was rather a long time ago now, but they're going to double as a birthday present for Alix, which I know is rather cheating, but hey, they're handmade, so all should be forgiven.  I'll include some nice smelly things too, to make up for it.

I'm also going to be knitting frantically to finish the scarf I'm making for my friend Gill, in Brighton; her birthday was in September but that kind of came & went - I was only knitting on the bus, but of course that's gone by-the-by now, so I'm busily inflicting tennis elbow on myself by knitting at night, during the lunch break, anytime really.  Ouch.

I also spotted this on Tuesday morning:

Rather gorgeous, with all the sun on him. Sadly the web didn't survive the arrival of the Weeding Lady, who used his home to shift all the weeds - she did an amazing job removing all the Trad (Tradescantia albiflora) [also known by a rather pejorative name which I won't repeat here] from the garden, and is coming back on Friday to do the same with the other weeds - I love having a garden, but I'm not a gardener.  It's a bit obvious, really, when you see the weeds! 

That's it for now.  I am going to get dressed & wash up, and then go & work on the Sydney Pies.  Yum!