Saturday, 4 December 2010

Fabric, birds, fun!

One of the things I love about going West, young woman, is the prospect of new and interesting fabric shops... and Textile Traders didn't disappoint!

These are my finds:

All nice 100% cottons, and perfect for the Christmas tree decorations I'm making for some people I can't actually name at this moment in case they're reading this...
I made a couple of things too:

A6 size journal covers - these take about 30 minutes to make and when I come back from the Golden West, Gentle Readers, I will do a tutorial because they were fun to make, and very easy.

I also got some bird watching in:

This is a Bronzewing pigeon, native to WA, having a mid-morning drink at the birdbath...
and watching for sudden movement - 

And this is a wattlebird, so called because they have 'wattles' on their necks, rather than loving or living in wattles...

And we had some fun with the kookaburras:

And tomorrow we come home, so more on Monday.  Ciao!