Saturday, 4 July 2009

I had forgotten you*

Not strictly a song title, I know, but it is appropriate, thank you *Mr Paul Kelly... I had completely forgotten to put the credit for that lovely photograph of the school at Latton into my blog - it was taken by Ian W Stokes, and you can see it here:

I love Panoramio, it's the cheapest way I know of to see places I've only dreamed of visiting, and it never ceases to amaze me how clever people are with their cameras:

Copyright  Androo.  (I haven't figured out how to do the ascii thing on this laptop yet).  I feel much better today, more human, and I can think again.  But only enough to see that the house looks like a bomb has hit it (see what happens when the tidying person takes a day or so off?) - and yet, funnily, I can summon up absolutely no energy for tidying.  I did stack and run the dishwasher, because leaving dirty dishes on the sink is my idea of slovenly, and we haven't fallen quite that far into disrepair yet.. although the milk has gone off, and we're just about out of bread.  Yikes.  Better get well soon, methinks, or we're going to be well into the Dave Lister School of Slobbing round Slobbily.

Yes, definitely feeling better.  Other news - the lovely beautician where I go infrequently to allow them to use me as the model for 'what happens if you don't look after yourself', or, on other days 'this is what happens when you let yourself go', was very kind about me not turning up for the 6-weekly hot oil & hair ripping out experience I had scheduled for today - and I quote "we don't want your germs here".  Thanks, Kerrie, I'm always happy to see you too - but she did have a question about these:

I'd forgotten that I'd left a set of 3 in there for them to enjoy - and apparently they've been getting queries with regards to selling them - well!  I said $3.00 each, but Kerrie seemed to think she could get $5.00 for them no trouble.  I said if she could do that, she was welcome to take 10% (does that sound right?) for her trouble.  She said she would see what happens!  Man, when I can be bothered, I'm going back into the magic room to make some more!  

And of course now I've remembered what happened to these, and why, when my lovely customer Carmen from California ordered this set, and I knew I'd made them, but I couldn't find them - not like me at all, and you, up in the back row, stop sniggering, I had to run around like a bluear*sed fly make her a set from scratch, and do you think I could find that creamy birdy fabric?  Man, it was almost ugly, let me tell you.  However, find them I did, make them I did, posted them off & got lovely feedback on their nicely lavendery-stinkiness... and that's why I had to make them, because I'd given them to the beautician to up-stink their salon.  Well, if we can use 'up-cycle', I don't see why we can't up-stink.  Debate on the need for the hyphen welcome here...

And now, gentle reader, having assuaged my conscience with regard to Mr Stokes and the credit for his lovely photo of the lovely school where I learned the value of a comma, and not to put too many instances of a preposition in a sentence, and all about Thomas the Tank Engine, and Little Black Sambo (hey, it was the unreconstructed 60's), I am off to visit the new abode of my WMIL*, and to plan the housewarming gift I am going to make for her.  Much joy to follow for all, I suspect!