Monday, 6 January 2014

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Oh, have I missed it?  Apparently there some events between 17th November and now.  Who knew?

Things shuffle along, you know, Gentle Readers, like they always have.  I have been at the new job for 2 months now and it's not brilliant, I have to say, but that could just be me.  It's quite possible, although in my life I've had rather a lot of jobs, and I've never had the problems I'm having with this one.

Mayhap I'm too old to be changing jobs?  I've had a year now for every week of a year (that's 52, in case you couldn't work it out), and yet, I feel no older.  Well, mentally.  Some part of of mentally.  A very small part of mentally feels exactly the same as it always did.  Other parts (knees, hips, feet) feel like DREN (yes, I'm shouting!) and I want them to go away, along with the 10 kilos I put on since about July last year.  That's why my feet, knees and hips feel so bad, of course, but the larger parts of mentally are not letting me get up to sort them out.

I'll get through it though, and when I think about other friends who are in a much worse state, I know I should just shut up and keep taking the blue pills.

Some pictures, for those who are still reading, and not yet sharpening the razor blades:

How good is this?  Mr Golightly did a bridge climb in late November with his mate Dr Box, and we all stayed at a swish hotel in town, and thanks to the magic of Google, I can now present this wonderful pic for your delectation... not just one, but two cruise ships, and if your eyes are very good, Mr G & Dr B up there on the Bridge.  Hah!

That's a better way to start the New Year.