Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Pussy cat pussy cat II

Perth. I've been to Perth.  I feel a bit ashamed, Gentle Readers, that I didn't advise you in advance that I was going to be off the air, or even off the planet, but I've given up my fabulously expensive Qantas Club Membership ($400/year is fabulously expensive, no?) as part of my regime to save money until I get a real job, along with the daily newspaper ($300/year), and various magazines ($150/year X about 3), and so I didn't do what I usually do in the Qantas Club lounge, which is use their free internet to update my blog with my 'going on holidays' post.  

Not being too thrifty, I do still buy two of the magazines, but I don't get them delivered any more.   I discovered that the English one, British Homes & Gardens, which I love, because it has fabulous furniture, fabrics and wallpaper in it, cost about $17.00 per issue when I subscribed.  It costs $9.95 in the newsagent, about 3 weeks later.  I can bear the wait.  Just.

Comfy living room chair | Living room ideas | Image | Housetohome

Anyway, I did take my laptop to Perth, meaning to update my blog whilst I was there, but my lovely Ma & I fell into the Scrabble abyss, and spent most of our time making up ridiculous words according to the dictates of the dictionary on Facebook scrabble.  If any of you can suggest an alternative venue for online scrabble, I'd be thrilled to hear about it.

So, what did we do?  We spent a day in the clutches of the medical profession, the less said about which the better, we made two fabulous dressing gowns, using a McCalls pattern, and because we're both clever and thrifty, we made them from quilt backing fabric, which was 118" wide, meaning we only needed 1.75 metres - mine is almost to the floor, Lovely Ma's is to her ankles... and at $27/metre, that was a bargain.  Except, I just found a place in the States which has nice wide backings for $12/metre.... and people wonder why Aussies have taken to shopping on the internet with such fervor?

Slipper chair in Bastille in Claret from Chairman & Son | Armchairs | Living room furniture | PHOTO GALLERY

What else?  We visited the Hendys, we searched the local shops for an actual physical game of Scrabble (no such luck), we talked about the possibility of a holiday in Bali in July when all the medical madness is over for my Lovely Ma, we ate, I played with the dogs, did a spot of cooking (garlic prawns, yummy) & we pottered.  The perfect week off, really.

And now, Gentle Readers, as it's 1.48pm, I suppose I should schlep out of my fabulous new dressing gown & into the shower.  I am a bit jetlagged, so I don't want to rush it :-)...  more posts this week, I promise.  

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