Thursday, 3 September 2009

housewarming gifts

My friend Deb is in the process of buying a house, well, she will be when she can find one she likes - boy that girl is, well, not so much picky, as particular... I've seen about 10 houses in the last two months, but when you're buying the house of your dreams, you want it to be
absolutely perfect... so I thought I'd make her a housewarming gift... for the house that will eventuate!

So, I've bought some of this:

and some of this to go with it:

and I think they're gorgeous - but I've always had a bit of a blue & white fetish - one of my oldest possessions is a blue & white batik bedspread I bought in 1979, when I was in high school - it's only a double-bed size, so it doesn't go on the bed much any more, but it always looks so smart... and Deb has one of these large blue & white ginger jars which will look perfect with some cushions made from this, or maybe some placemats and a table runner?

Of course if the house doesn't come off, I can always keep the fabric for myself... just in case...