Sunday, 5 September 2010

OK, so maybe it was TMI?

However, remaining Gentle Readers, I felt that your loyalty should be rewarded with a deeply personal detail of my life - I keep so much from you in so many other ways that I thought you might enjoy this information overload... obviously I was deluded from the Giardia, and now that I'm not quite as sick, I realise that I was completely wrong.  Nobody wants to read about somebody else's gastrointestinal problems.  Honestly.  What was I thinking?

Also, I'm now constipated.  Meh ha ha ha ha...


I made three sets of birdies today, for lovely Yvette at work.  It's weird, isn't it, that I know two women called Yvette?  I never knew a single one before I started work at this August Institution, and now I know two.  Weird.  Also?  They couldn't be more different.  Anyway, the lovely 2nd Yvette requested three sets of birds, one for her in pink:

A set for either her mother or mother-in-law in blue:

and a set for either her mother or her mother-in-law in black:

Shake shake your tail feather!

And a doorstop for young Hogan, who wanted floral, but not too girly:

Hopefully this will fit the bill.  Back to work tomorrow, hopefully with things more... ordered.  That is all.