Sunday, 5 September 2010

OK, so maybe it was TMI?

However, remaining Gentle Readers, I felt that your loyalty should be rewarded with a deeply personal detail of my life - I keep so much from you in so many other ways that I thought you might enjoy this information overload... obviously I was deluded from the Giardia, and now that I'm not quite as sick, I realise that I was completely wrong.  Nobody wants to read about somebody else's gastrointestinal problems.  Honestly.  What was I thinking?

Also, I'm now constipated.  Meh ha ha ha ha...


I made three sets of birdies today, for lovely Yvette at work.  It's weird, isn't it, that I know two women called Yvette?  I never knew a single one before I started work at this August Institution, and now I know two.  Weird.  Also?  They couldn't be more different.  Anyway, the lovely 2nd Yvette requested three sets of birds, one for her in pink:

A set for either her mother or mother-in-law in blue:

and a set for either her mother or her mother-in-law in black:

Shake shake your tail feather!

And a doorstop for young Hogan, who wanted floral, but not too girly:

Hopefully this will fit the bill.  Back to work tomorrow, hopefully with things more... ordered.  That is all.


  1. Prunes.

    Nuff said.

    I'm still playing spot the fabric... I'm pretty sure that black with Sakura blossoms is from Imperial Collection 6 by... Hoffman? That is totally from memory, I didn't go look it up to confirm!

    I also recognise the teeny birdies, but can't remember who they are by - although the name Erin McMorris is in my head?

    Labour day/week sale at equilter. 45% off. Make it to Thursday it often goes to 50-55% off. I've just partaken, I shall not look.


    All that sewing... you must need some replacements for balance on the shelves.

    And yes, flowery but not too girly - tick!

  2. Right on all counts, AJ. Sadly the birdies didn't even make a dint into the Fabric Collection, so I'm not even going to look at equilter. Today. Glad the doorstop hits the mark - teenage boys are sometimes tricky!

  3. So happy to know I am Yvette No


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