Monday, 24 August 2009

It's a bit like LA Law this week.

It's a bit like LA Law this week.

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Read this and weep. In the words of Pete Seeger, "oh when will they ever learn?"

Decisions, decisions...

So, I'm about to make the Wedding Clutch (see, the relative importance is noted by the presence of Capital Letters...) & I can't decide which pattern to use. I have three, all from Keyka Lou, and they're all great - and if anybody knows anything about me, they'll know I can't make decisions about the small stuff! New beds are easy, new cars (well, it was easy 5 years ago), sure, trade-in the husband? Sure... that's a decision I make all the time (not that I've done anything about it yet, the prospect of moving 16.5 years of accumulated junk puts me off everytime I get close [and maybe that's not the only reason, hmmm?])... but which handbag to make for the wedding? Phew. Too hard.

Don't get me wrong, the patterns are great, easy to follow, well written, good pictures, very logical, so there's no issue there. Just me.

Here's the possibilities:

Journal Clutch: I've made this & it's nice, a good size & it would be very useful... also it's a great shape for the black silk, because it's 'boxy'...

Easy Curvy Clutch - haven't made this yet, but can't see that it would be any harder than the other patterns in Michele's range...
Garden Party Wristlet - this is very cute, and it would be super useful with the strap, but it's hard to imagine it in any other colour and the pink is very girlie...

I do think the black silk would look better as a clutch rather than the Garden Party Wristlet, just because the fabric is quite 'firm', but it is a very useful style...maybe without the bow? I'm not much of a bow person anyway, (on me, anyway - on a victorian tea gown, or an afternoon dress they look spectacular)... but it would need some 'focus' object to finish it... hmmm.

Much thinking required here, methinks... oh well, off for breakfast. Then we'll see.