Saturday, 26 May 2012

Epic craft fail!

So, Gentle Readers, I've been reading my favourite blogs, waiting impatiently for the updates, cursing the authors when they don't update often enough, and it dawned on me this morning that I, perhaps, might be causing the same amount of angst for you - it's been ages since I wrote a post... but so much has happened (not really)...

I had an epic craft fail - I asked my lovely Ma what she wanted for Mother's Day, and she wanted, weirdly enough, padded coathangers.  OK, easy enough.  I start out with beautiful red japanese fabric, piped with red, quilted and looking fab:

But the idiot seamstress forgot that the coathanger has to go over the whole hanger, not just the narrow end.  Hmm..

So then, having used up all my beautiful Japanese cotton, I dug out some nice cream & brown, and repeated my mistake with a skinnier coathanger:

And then, I did it all over again with a slightly larger coathanger!

Oh my.  Good thing I made up for it with some fabulous alien-type sewing:

And some hearts:

Ha.  In other, slightly less exciting news, I have given up attempting to write my blog on my tablet.  It's really frustrating that I can't make formatting changes easily, and I don't have all my photos on the tablet, so I'm using Dropbox to move stuff between devices - not the most effective way to do things... ah, technology.

What else?  Work is ticking over, I've had two more trips across this wide brown land to see my lovely Ma, who is also ticking over, and that's about it.  It's now 0757 on Saturday, this post having taken two whole weeks from start to finish, and I'm about to go & have hot wax applied to various body parts.  Betcha really wanted to know that, hey?