Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Check this out!

These gorgeous brooches come from a fellow Sydney Etsyan, Alittleredribbon (I hate the way Etsy makes yousquishupyournames.  A Little Red Ribbon.  I've got family birthdays coming up & you know what?  This could be the winner - plus, I love her photos - I must write & ask her how she does it, mine always look like the bridge between amateur and complete chaos.

New - Brooch with Liberty of London fabric

In other news, the mosquito plague that has taken over from the sandfly plague is still driving me nuts in the night, two bites around the left eye & I look like I've got 2 rounds with Aussie Joe Bugner in his prime.  No pictures of that, I promise you!

Yesterday we went to town, and the Kidlets and I checked out Kunokiniya, which is an amazing bookshop - I love it - not sure about the Kidlets though, they seemed a bit overwhelmed - but they were pretty keen on the Apple store.  I love the way they just let you wander through, playing with stuff.  It's a pretty neat way to get people to buy your stuff, if you ask me.  Shame we can't do that with jewellers, isn't it, or fabric stores?  I just need 3 metres of this to play with for a while....  Can't see it taking off.  Shame, that.

And so, because we were in town all day, no progress was made on the quilting, but I did get the lavender bags for AusDisasterRelief made & packaged up, ready to be posted off today... and I think I'll put another lot in their shop, because they came out very nicely & they are fabulous, if I say so myself.

I made a wonderful (imho) treasury, 'Do androids dream of electric sheep', which is a book by Philip K Dick, a very clever man who knew a lot about what the future might look like, and I slept badly (again).

And for now, that's it.  I'm going to finish sewing the sashing together now, then start stitching the quilt back together.  If you need anything, just yell, OK?