Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Tasmania, so Beautiful

(How green your gardens are... is it some kind of blasphemy, do you think, to co-opt the tune of a slightly known number by Samuel A Ward...?

Tasmania is lovely, all green rolling hills, amazing mountains and fantastic gardens:

Does anybody know what these are? They grow into a bush, all purple & blue, like a big blueberry in the garden.

This somewhat large tree was in the Churchyard at Deloraine, with a rather interesting bunch of cast-iron frames around the graves...

We made some new friends:

And yes, the liver-coloured lovely is peeing. Talk about timing...

And we saw some beautiful flowers, and the occasional insect!

And we spent time looking at this (my personal favourite):

Oh yes, and there was craft:

And while I was away, these arrived:

Modern Boy's Quilt Set, Mixed Designer, 1/2 Yard Set, 6 Total

Kokka and Monaluna 1/2 Yard Set, Blue/Green, Baby Boy, 4 Total

Ah, joy. Holidays and fabric. Bliss.