Sunday, 16 August 2009

It's finished, it's finished!!!

The wedding bunting is officially finished.  I finally got off my assets and finished the binding, or the string, or whatever you want to call it, that this stuff is going to hang up from - and you know what?  It took me less than an hour.  Shame on me for letting it go on so long, but hey, it looks nice, I think, whaddya think?

What else?  Here's the other stuff I bought last week:
You can't see how beautiful the black silk is, with beading and sequins but it is gorgeous - and the others look pretty good too.  Next weekend, the clutch for sure.  I just bought this from Michelle at KeykaLou, her patterns are really good, easy to follow, with great instructions and good photos.  

Then this afternoon I made two more glasses cases for my WMIL* - these are a really pain to make, two tubes and a flap - if you cut the inside tube smaller to make it fit better when it's finished, it's hard to get the two to go round smoothly on the flap; I ended up with a tiny pleat on the outside of one of them - really really annoying - but I don't think you'll see it when it's all pressed up nicely... maybe:

And finally I was reading this blog and I wanted to do something for this woman - what a crap situation to be in - it's only when you read stuff like this you realise what absolute bastards are out there, putting decent people in impossible situations.  Jo, if you read this, mail me at, because I'd like to do something to cheer you up.