Tuesday, 26 May 2009

And also...

Not forgetting Hogan, who got a First on his Jazz & Pop exam.  Whoda thunk my friend Deb would have such talented children?  Why, me, of course!  Anyway, to help Mr Hogan celebrate, I made him this, but I'm so cross with myself I could just spit - I wanted to make him a pencil case, so I cut 10" X 5", thinking the average pencil is only 6" or 7", then I made 3/4" cut-outs for the boxing, and bam!  The pencil case is too short.  Damn, damn, damn.  And of course I painstakingly hand-appliqued his initials onto the damn thing as well, and of course I did fancy stitching on the bottom, and of course it's turned out perfect.  It's just too short for pencils.  Maybe he could put something else in it?

Anyway, here 'tis.