Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Spiders are people too!

This is what’s happening in my mailbox right now.

You know, Increasing Gentle Readers, that although I have worked in IT for a number of years prior to my current sojourn, it was a particular form of IT, and not one that's particularly useful around blogs.  I keep trying to link to other people's posts and just end up with this link in my post, and nothing on their post.  What am I doing wrong here?  I know, I could read the online help.  Revelation.

Second revelation:  It's the international Year of Biodiversity, hence the link to the lovely Fluid Pudding's spider related blog post - if you were so inclined, you could visit here, and sign their petition to try & save the planet's remaining Whale population.  Of course, you might not be so inclined, but it's worth a try.  See, they are so too related.

Third revelation - I have discovered how to avoid chocolate - if I give Mr Golightly the bar of chocolate, and he asks me if I want some, it's very easy and painless to say "no thank you". if I have the bar of chocolate, I'll just sit and eat it till it's gone.  Genius.

Fourth revelation - I quite like making Christmas Trees, and here's the photos of the ongoing project:

then there's the fridge magnets, mine this time, not the kidlets:

Once the server stops playing silly buggers I will post the other tree & the fridge magnets... honest.

Life List - Nosireebob, never again...

  1. Go to England with less than $1000 in my pocket when the exchange rate was $1:33p.
  2. Have Gastric Flu.  Coming out both ends.  TMI?  You bet.
  3. Spend 6 months unemployed in the Midlands, UK, in the 1980's, where unemployment was running at 28%.
  4. Borrow money from a parent.
  5. Find out my new chap was married to a woman called Sharon who lived in NZ.
  6. Learn shorthand.
  7. Go skiing.
  8. Rupture my ACL skiing, hence #7.
  9. Wait 2 years for an ACL reconstruction because I didn't have private health insurance.
  10. ACL reconstruction.
  11. Second operation to fix something they missed in #10.
  12. Get married.  
  13. Put on 3 stone (19kg) after #12.
  14. Watch the arches in my feet collapse after #13.
  15. Have the police knock at my door to tell me a parent had died.
  16. Work as a Secretary.
  17. Start anything new in a year ending in -9.  
  18. Lose a friend to Breast Cancer.
  19. Lose a friend to Lymphoma.
  20. Lose a grandparent to Emphysema.
  21. Lose a friend to AIDS.
  22. Lose a friend to Suicide.
  23. Go to a funeral.  Any funeral.
  24. Take Mr Golightly shopping.

Oops, I did it again...

So, here we are again, 2.29am.  I swear it's not because I'm crawling off to bed every afternoon at 2.00pm for a nap, nosiree bob, that's not happening, even though I have desperately felt the need for the last few days - having this coldy/flu-y/sinus-y thing is making my sleep pretty damn patchy, that' s for sure.  Mr G keeps waking me up telling me I'm snoring, I keep dreaming the weirdest things and now, again, I have indigestion & am wide awake.  Personally, I blame last night's culinary marvel, which I preceded with half a bag of Red Rock Deli Sea Salt chippies (curse you, Red Rock Deli, curse you!)...

Anyway, I spent a very productive day yesterday contributing to global warming by drying sheets, towels & shirts in the tumble dryer, but made up for it by putting everything else on the racks to dry - I still didn't get any info from you, Remaining Gentle Readers, about our US cousins and their obsession with the tumble dryer.  I must admit to a modicum of disappointment, but hey, I'll live with it.  

I also made three (yep, not one, not two, but three!) Christmas trees for Kerry the Beautician, only one small one and the whopper to come, which I should be able to knock off on Wednesday, today being profitably spent having lunch in town with former colleagues, dragging Mr G to the bank to sort out exciting things like Life Insurance and Credit Cards, and travelling on the L90 bus.  Fun all round, really.

So, Remaining Gentle Readers, tomorrow (or even later today) I will post pictures of the Christmas Trees for your delectation and review.  I promise.

Now, however, I am going to update the List of Things I've Done and Never Want to Do Again.  See?  Being up at 2.43am does have some advantages.  Really!