Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Spiders are people too!

This is what’s happening in my mailbox right now.

You know, Increasing Gentle Readers, that although I have worked in IT for a number of years prior to my current sojourn, it was a particular form of IT, and not one that's particularly useful around blogs.  I keep trying to link to other people's posts and just end up with this link in my post, and nothing on their post.  What am I doing wrong here?  I know, I could read the online help.  Revelation.

Second revelation:  It's the international Year of Biodiversity, hence the link to the lovely Fluid Pudding's spider related blog post - if you were so inclined, you could visit here, and sign their petition to try & save the planet's remaining Whale population.  Of course, you might not be so inclined, but it's worth a try.  See, they are so too related.

Third revelation - I have discovered how to avoid chocolate - if I give Mr Golightly the bar of chocolate, and he asks me if I want some, it's very easy and painless to say "no thank you". if I have the bar of chocolate, I'll just sit and eat it till it's gone.  Genius.

Fourth revelation - I quite like making Christmas Trees, and here's the photos of the ongoing project:

then there's the fridge magnets, mine this time, not the kidlets:

Once the server stops playing silly buggers I will post the other tree & the fridge magnets... honest.

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