Saturday, 24 March 2012

Lazy Sunday Afternoon...

Actually, Gentle Readers, when I originally wrote this, it was Saturday at 09.49, and I was still in bed. Gasp!  I worked yesterday from 0730 until 1800,  which was extremely foolish for somebody still getting over the after-effects of several hours on a plane (in a plane?) and by the time I got home (1930), I was, to put it oh so bluntly, knackered.

Anyway, the lovely Mr Golightly not being one of those husbands who delight in masquerading as a martinent, I did not have to set to and make a gourmet dinner, but instead peeled off my work clothes, threw on my sloppy house clothes and flung myself, bodily, onto the sofa.  I did not move again until I staggered off to bed three hours later, having watched a repeated NCIS episode, an episode of something so deeply boring it's already gone from my memory, and an episode of "Person of Interest", which I am really enjoying, and I am grateful to those people at that awful television channel (which is so awful I won't even deign to name it) for putting on again.

I woke at 0630.  Typical, isn't it, that having no need to actually get up & go to work, I am wide awake, bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Ick.

That said, I do have some sewing chores to do, my lovely DSSIL Miss Mandy had a birthday on Wednesday, and Miss Emma, the mother-to-be of the incomparably named, but as yet unborn Linus Libbis, had hers on Thursday.  I know exactly what to make them both, but... time being somewhat scarce this week, I have done exactly zippo about it.  Ahem.  Amends to be made, stitches to be set.  Also, pictures to be taken and posted, but that's for after.

For now, some more holiday snaps - some of the things I love about contradictory Italy...

Ciao for now!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sunday, too far away (Roma)

So, Gentle Readers, we're home.  We had a good flight from Rome to Hong Kong, and a great flight from Hong Kong to Sydney, especially after the 10 hour sleepover we had had in Hong Kong, which made a huge difference to our jetlag status - that is, none.

These photos were taken at various points over the holiday - the first one is a bunch of guys we came across round the corner from where we stayed the second time we holidayed in Rome - when we were there, this was a single table & two very dishevelled looking guys - now it's a whole community of, interestingly, only men.  The guy in the maroon scarf had a minder sitting on the scooter to the right, and was eyeing me as I was taking the pictures.  I didn't get too close.

This little number was by some guy called Michaelangelo.  He has a bit of a future, I think.

Part of the recovered items from the Roman Forum - absolutely gorgeous.

I didn't buy any fabric.  Can you believe that?  However, I did buy:

  • Red handbag #7 (gift for my lovely Ma)
  • Red handbag #8
  • Mystery gift for MGF Kaz
  • Red wallet
  • Several leather key rings, from a fabulous shop where they were actually sewing the items on the premises, with the industrial sewing machine set up right there in the shop - my question "Fatto in casa?" was given an emphatic answer, "no, fatto qui!"
  • A very cute little red leather coin purse (yes, for me)
  • Some cosmetic specials for my SIL's
  • A gorgeous set of three Furla leather pouches and keyring for my lovely MIL
  • A red (yes, yes, I know) Furla keyring for me
  • A beautiful surprise for Miss Nelly (because I know she reads this)
  • A leather wallet and an ipod case for Master H
  • Some fantastic handmade writing paper embossed with the letter 'D'
  • Mini-calendars for 2013 for my team
  • Absolutely no Pope fridge magnets - not one to be found in Rome.  And yes, I did look.
It's nice to be home.  

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Saturday night (in Bologna) too tired


So, Gentle Readers, I have to confess that the previous post was largely written a week ago, when we were indeed on our way to the airport, edited during an incredibly boring transit in Hong Kong, where I tried and failed to finish the previous post, and we've finished our first amazing week in Roma, having succeeded in seeing things we did not see last time, but which I am confident were actually there, because they've been quietly sitting, waiting for Mr Golightly and me to come and see them, for 2,000 years.

I am having a few technical issues with the newest infernal machine to join the Golightly household, (and I'm blaming you, Miss Blue Lambb), because Blogspot has not yet come to grips with people who are trying to write posts using a tablet, so if you see a few more typos than normal, please be gentle with me :-P
More soon.. Ciao!

Come fly with me...

Yes, Gentle readers, I am lucky enough to be getting on a plane this morning & flying off, with the charming and erudite Mr Golightly, to the eternal city, Roma, Rome... again.  It doesn't seem more than about ten minutes since we were there last time, and maybe because we'd been before (yes, alright, twice), the usual mad scramble that is us packing was not quite so scrambled; there was no fleeting unpleasantness caused by Mr Golightly's short-sighted insistence on bringing his favourite green shirt (age 268 years, state of decrepitude, extremely advanced) , everything went smoothly, and here we are at the airport, waiting to board in good time.  Even the check-in queue was zero people long. So, in my experience, this means it's going to rain the entire time we're away.

We have a list, this time.  We're not just going to wander the streets with our mouths open like we did last time, we've got a cunning plan and the list:  Hadrian's  villa, the Appia Antica, The Vatican Museums, the basilica, maybe a few catacombs. I deliberately packed 15 pairs of socks , undies and enough bras to outfit a girl's school, so that no time is wasted in the lavendaria, and I fully intend to not do anything more domestic than make my morning coffee. We may also go to another city for a few days, depending on how the spirit moves us; after hanging around Hong Kong airport for six long boring hours, some Italian fresh air could be just the ticket. I'll keep you posted. Ciao!