Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sunday, too far away (Roma)

So, Gentle Readers, we're home.  We had a good flight from Rome to Hong Kong, and a great flight from Hong Kong to Sydney, especially after the 10 hour sleepover we had had in Hong Kong, which made a huge difference to our jetlag status - that is, none.

These photos were taken at various points over the holiday - the first one is a bunch of guys we came across round the corner from where we stayed the second time we holidayed in Rome - when we were there, this was a single table & two very dishevelled looking guys - now it's a whole community of, interestingly, only men.  The guy in the maroon scarf had a minder sitting on the scooter to the right, and was eyeing me as I was taking the pictures.  I didn't get too close.

This little number was by some guy called Michaelangelo.  He has a bit of a future, I think.

Part of the recovered items from the Roman Forum - absolutely gorgeous.

I didn't buy any fabric.  Can you believe that?  However, I did buy:

  • Red handbag #7 (gift for my lovely Ma)
  • Red handbag #8
  • Mystery gift for MGF Kaz
  • Red wallet
  • Several leather key rings, from a fabulous shop where they were actually sewing the items on the premises, with the industrial sewing machine set up right there in the shop - my question "Fatto in casa?" was given an emphatic answer, "no, fatto qui!"
  • A very cute little red leather coin purse (yes, for me)
  • Some cosmetic specials for my SIL's
  • A gorgeous set of three Furla leather pouches and keyring for my lovely MIL
  • A red (yes, yes, I know) Furla keyring for me
  • A beautiful surprise for Miss Nelly (because I know she reads this)
  • A leather wallet and an ipod case for Master H
  • Some fantastic handmade writing paper embossed with the letter 'D'
  • Mini-calendars for 2013 for my team
  • Absolutely no Pope fridge magnets - not one to be found in Rome.  And yes, I did look.
It's nice to be home.  

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  1. wonderful to have you home safely, and glad it was such a fab holiday for you. thoroughly enjoyed reading the posts.


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