Sunday, 11 March 2012

Saturday night (in Bologna) too tired


So, Gentle Readers, I have to confess that the previous post was largely written a week ago, when we were indeed on our way to the airport, edited during an incredibly boring transit in Hong Kong, where I tried and failed to finish the previous post, and we've finished our first amazing week in Roma, having succeeded in seeing things we did not see last time, but which I am confident were actually there, because they've been quietly sitting, waiting for Mr Golightly and me to come and see them, for 2,000 years.

I am having a few technical issues with the newest infernal machine to join the Golightly household, (and I'm blaming you, Miss Blue Lambb), because Blogspot has not yet come to grips with people who are trying to write posts using a tablet, so if you see a few more typos than normal, please be gentle with me :-P
More soon.. Ciao!


  1. You know you will forgive me. Secretly you love it!

  2. I do love it, but Blogspot is waaaaay too fussy for my liking.... Ciao!

  3. Wow!

    Fate una bella vacanza!

    C'è di tessuto?


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