Saturday, 24 March 2012

Lazy Sunday Afternoon...

Actually, Gentle Readers, when I originally wrote this, it was Saturday at 09.49, and I was still in bed. Gasp!  I worked yesterday from 0730 until 1800,  which was extremely foolish for somebody still getting over the after-effects of several hours on a plane (in a plane?) and by the time I got home (1930), I was, to put it oh so bluntly, knackered.

Anyway, the lovely Mr Golightly not being one of those husbands who delight in masquerading as a martinent, I did not have to set to and make a gourmet dinner, but instead peeled off my work clothes, threw on my sloppy house clothes and flung myself, bodily, onto the sofa.  I did not move again until I staggered off to bed three hours later, having watched a repeated NCIS episode, an episode of something so deeply boring it's already gone from my memory, and an episode of "Person of Interest", which I am really enjoying, and I am grateful to those people at that awful television channel (which is so awful I won't even deign to name it) for putting on again.

I woke at 0630.  Typical, isn't it, that having no need to actually get up & go to work, I am wide awake, bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Ick.

That said, I do have some sewing chores to do, my lovely DSSIL Miss Mandy had a birthday on Wednesday, and Miss Emma, the mother-to-be of the incomparably named, but as yet unborn Linus Libbis, had hers on Thursday.  I know exactly what to make them both, but... time being somewhat scarce this week, I have done exactly zippo about it.  Ahem.  Amends to be made, stitches to be set.  Also, pictures to be taken and posted, but that's for after.

For now, some more holiday snaps - some of the things I love about contradictory Italy...

Ciao for now!

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