Friday, 10 October 2008

Creative genius at work

Well, more creative than genius, but it's all good fun. I've gained myself a commission to make 70 lavender bags for a girl at work who's getting married, (yes, you did read right, 70), and we took ourselves off to Lincraft to purchase supplies. Quell horreur, Lincraft in the city is closing down, and it was an absolute zoo in there, but I did manage to snavel myself 5 (count 'em, 5) new blades for my rotary cutter for the bargain basement price of $30! Wonderful.

Anyway, armed with a metre of pink satin, 10 metres of pink ribbon & a whole heap of other goodies (bias binding maker, new cutting out board for a Christmas gift, and an entire roll of iron-on interfacing, I staggered home to start cutting out... my wonderful husband (being the compleat IT nerd) put a spreadsheet together for me calculating the most effective way to cut the material contingent on the width, so now I know that if I cut it width-wise, I can get 12 point something bags out of my 12.5 centimeters, each bag being approximately 8cm wide. I will post one when it's made up, but for now, here's one I made earlier!

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