Saturday, 13 December 2008


So, yesterday My Lovely Hubby & I were very privileged to be guests at the 60th birthday dinner here for our good friend Az. Az & Kaz own the beautiful vineyard in the Hunter Valley where many of my best photos have come from, and we both love going up there, MLH because he gets to veg out on the ride-on mower or in the vines, and I get to talk complete rubbish with Kaz, with whom I am always in complete accord. Honestly, I've known that woman 17 years & we've never had a cross word. I can't even say that about my family!

Anyway, Kaz asked me to bring along some of these along, which I did... and there were some other lovely people there who needed small gifts to take along to a family christmas where there were going to be people who needed a small gift, you know the kind, not big enough to embarrass, but big enough to say "we thought of you", and lo! They ordered 3 sets on the spot. So here they are - plus Kaz ordered another 2 sets. Man, the sewing machine is flying!

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