Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Making whoopee

So a friend rings me & says "make me some lavender bags for a colleague... blah blah blah...", all the rest has been deleted in the interests of national security. I don't want to cause any ructions here, so I've gone with discretion being the better part of valour, and all that.

Anyway, gift made & ready to be shipped, and pictured here.
I've also just received 50, yep 50, 9" zips (that's 22.86cm for those of us in the rest of the world), from here, in a whole range of great colours, & I'm about to seriously start making pouches for sale. I have a gorgeous one in turquoises cut out to give to a person at work who is about to get married, & we'll see how we go. Alex loved hers (well, it immediately disappeared into the depths of her room, so I'm thinking she liked it!)... is 10yo approval less worthwhile than, say, 40yo approval? I'm not sure.
Anyway, my time here is up, my jammies are calling me and I've got a big day going round & round on the shuttle between the city & somewhere else! Off to bed, said Zebeedee.

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