Monday, 26 January 2009

He's baaaaack...

I went to visit Rusty at his foster home this weekend (we had an extra day off to celebrate the arrival of the first load of convicts from Britain in 1788) and guess what? His foster mother has returned him to my care, in exchange for a new and more beautiful child. I think some conversations with DOCS (our equivalent of Social Services or DHSS) might be in order here. Anway, I'm very happy to have him home & gracing my sewing room once again - and here he is, waving happily!

I'm also thinking of making an froggie tribute to the US Presidential family, and I had some fun on the weekend picking out the fabrics - bit of an off-beat challenge there. I hope our friends in the US don't think it's offensive... are there laws in the States against that kind of thing? Oh well, we'll see if they sell, or if I get a nasty letter from the White House.

I also picked up orders for three more frogs, birthday gifts all, so I'm going to be busy sewing over the next few nights. I also had a major breakthrough with the lined box pouches, figuring out that if you cut the corners whilst it's all inside out, you can also stitch the corners & when you turn it all right sides out, it all looks fine. I made two, one after the other which prove this theory, one of which I will post as soon as I go & pay some bills, and order a pizza, which consititutes healthy eating today. It was about 35C in the Hunter Valley, that's 95F & it was sticky, so the motivation to cook is zero. Plus the cricket is on TV, and it's an Australian tradition to spend Australia Day eating junk & watching the cricket, so that's it for me!

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