Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Another one bites the dust...

Does anybody except me see a theme here? Oh well, never mind. I sold what I privately considered to be the nicest of the jewellery pouches today, to a lovely woman in Grose Wold. That's in NSW, Australia, rather than some 'other worlde- sci-fi' place. Sounds great, doesn't it? I'm going to look it up in a minute so I can pay homage to it (and my very generous buyer) just like I did for Conyers.

Anyway, picture attached, then off to bed. My goal here is to get to bed tonight before 11.00pm, the day starts at 6.30am & it's way way too long to be still trying to write coherently at 10:42pm.

However, a small rant, before I go: If I said to you "we are going to be doing away with a surplus of something, and here is the document which deals with the disposition", would you know I didn't mean "as in 'sunny'"??? Sometimes I despair of my colleagues. I'm going to buy a thesaurus for the office (oh, sorry, that's a big book full of hard words, for the benefit of the overpaid professionals with the vocabularies of 7 year olds, with whom I work...) & see if having a "hard word of the week" helps out. Rant over. Although, she says, not being able to contain herself even that much, did you notice how I couldn't help myself & had to work hard not to end that sentence with a preposition, did ya, did ya, huh, huh? Man. Go to BED!

Bed, sleep, dream, snore, bed, bed...

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