Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Happy Birthday to a wonderful person

My very lovely DSSIL* has just had a birthday, which, to my everlasting shame, I missed, but if you read the previous long & winding road, you will understand why. The venue for the course I was on, on the days when I would normally have whipped out to the Post Office in order to get the parcel in the post in time for the birthday (phew) has no post office. No shops, except food shops, and only a shuttle bus to take you to the nearest shopping centre but not in the 30 nanoseconds the evil twins running the course allocated for lunch. Sorry, Katy & Jackie, you know I love you, smooch, smoooch.

So, I couldn't post it, but anyway, it's gone - and apparently she loves it! Interestingly, I had not made pouches out of silk before, and it's hard, because the material is so stiff, and it frays like crazy - I think I need to get some fraystop, or something similar, and disappointingly, I embroidered an initial on the bottom of the squarer one, and it got eaten up by the corners. Need to practice that a bit, I think. They looked nice though. Hope she can find a use!

*de-facto step-sister-in-law (my mother lives with her husband's father).

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