Sunday, 8 March 2009

I'm not going to get too sentimental...

like those other sticky valentines... okay, so it's not a song title, but it is a line from a great song.. and it was a lovely day - Friday was our 16th wedding anniversary, which is amazing, really. We've beaten both our married and subsequently divcorced siblings, but I don't think we'll ever catch up to MWH's parents, who were married in 1955, and who lasted 49 years before my lovely FIL gave up the fight against Alzheimers disease..

MWH surprised me, too. He, who isn't normally given to moments of spontaneity, had organised a surprise night in the hotel where we spent our wedding night, which was lovely. For dinner, we went to the Italian Restaurant we've been going to before we even were a couple, run by another advertisement for marriage. Dad waits at table, Mum cooks & number 3 son splits his time between the kitchen & the restaurant, depending on how busy they are. Lovely, fresh and generous - that Nocello bottle made a couple of visits to our table and I had a slight headache yesterday morning, but it was worth it!

The view from the balcony was gorgeous, too...

And because Friday should have been a wholly happy day, today I feel a bit like I should take down the rant about the injustices of large corporations taking advantage of their workers, but one of my fellow DUSTers, Sayraphim, obviously felt the same way! Check out her shop in Etsy, she does beautiful work - and she made this for me as part of our February Craft Swap - I've named him Captain, for reasons which the older readers amongst you may find moderately amusing... and because I was so thrilled by the Captain, I've made her some lavender pyramids as a small 'thanks!', also pictured here. Hope she doesn't read this before they arrive on her doorstep!

Also good news, the last of the pouches I made for the Oz Bushfire Appeal Shop on Etsy has sold, to another person in Georgia, USA. Two to the States, one to Mexico & one to Grose Wold. Wonderful. I'm thinking of making more... maybe... I'm loving making the box pouches, and the flat ones, and I just sent my Mum the links to the tutorials that helped me get started - I'm thinking now I should make a tutorial about lining the box pouches, seeing as I haven't found one anywhere on the 'net & had to figure it out myself... any takers?


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I'd LOVE to see how you finish the inside of the box bags. I spent some time thinking about it, but never actually did any cutting and sewing to check it out.

    It'd be great to get rid of the seam allowances on the inside!

  2. Hi Tonya, I will definitely post the tutorial. We'll see how we go on the weekend!

  3. Hi there!
    Firstly, happy anniversary, that's such heart warming news :)

    and secondly, I received my little guys in the mail today! Thank you so much! They're beautiful colours and they smell divine! I've already put 2 of them around my cupboards and drawers to make everything in there smell as wonderful as they do!

    The third I kept out, cause they're just too nice to hid away :)

    Thank you, thank you so much!


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