Monday, 25 May 2009

"A" is for Aster

which means, in case you didn't know, Star.  This is for Miss Nellie, who just got an "A" on her flute exam, which impresses the bewhoosis of out me - so I made her a little someone (yes, you read it right) to say "Well Done".  And here she is:

Note she has a "A" instead of a heart.  I kind of made up patchwork, I had a bunch of 5" squares from the beautiful "Butterfly fling" collection from MoMo & just stitched them together, then cut out the frog at an angle to get the best of several colours.  Oh, you want to see the whole thing?  Okay:

I'm pretty sure I broke a significant number of quilting rules to do this, but hey, I'm sure nobody's going to come after me.  Yet.  

Enjoy, Nellie. 

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