Friday, 19 June 2009

From little things...*

So, on Tuesday, when I had to go into town to work, even though I'm on holidays, I treated myself to a new perfume... and the purveyors thereof had one of those 'gift with purchase' thingys going on... (note I didn't say "free gift with purchase"...)

Well, the thing for me wasn't so much what was in the box, but more what it was all delivered in - these three pouches, in pink, coral and white plastic, with contrasting stitching - and I thought, Thank You nameless purveyor of cosmetics and perfume, for giving me the perfect sizes for my next sewing venture - I'm thinking of making a series of these using some fabric from a co-ordinating range, probably not Erin McMorris, only because I'm now dreaming in Wildwood, but maybe something a bit more blue and green.  We shall see.

Now, it's nap time.  I've been fighting an incipient cold all week, and still feel bad enough to be in bed at 9.17am... shocking.

Nighty night!

*Copyright Paul Kelly

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