Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Clever, very clever!

I've been a wee bit busy, putting up with the sick husband really takes it out of you, and I spent a bit of time yesterday looking at houses with my friend Deb, which is fun, but exhausting!

So today I got stuck into the sewing, finishing off the pencil case & matching sketchbook bag for my nephew, who is turning nine in August & who loves to draw:

And then, I finished off Miss Mandy's button bag, which she wants to use to collect up all the little packets of buttons and threads you get when you buy shirts and things, and I've put a surprise in there for her (which of course I can't mention because I know she reads this!) - and that's going in the post tomorrow:

And then I made these for Kaz, from some lovely Momo in Wonderland, and some beautiful Butterfly Fling - they've got 6 scoops of lavender in each - who knows how much that is? Not me - the scoop says 25ml! (that's probably not funny for people who don't know about the metric system - "ml" is a measure of liquids!).

And then finally I made a pouch, my WMIL* has orders for me for 5 more, plus two more glasses cases - but for some strange reason it came out like a cube, rather than a rectangle - obviously I need to check the measurements calculator again!

And then I did a bit of work on the bunting for my lovely niece Melinda's wedding, in September - she saw the "Happy Mother's Day" bunting I made for her Nanna - and asked me to make some for her wedding! Her favourite colour is orange, so I tried to include as many fabrics with orange in them as possible - and how amazing that I could find 38 fabrics with orange in them - but I only needed 36 - and the fronts are now all cut out & appliqued on, and all I have to do is cut out the backs & the hanging & stitch them up... phew...

And now, gentle reader, normal transmission is resumed (actually, I've got the cricket on in the background and I'm greatly enjoying seeing what's happening to the England batting line-up - ha!
*Wonderful Mother-In-Law

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