Saturday, 8 August 2009


Who remembers Countdown from the '70's?  Oh, the anticipation of Sunday night at (was it 6.00pm or 6.30pm?) [insert magic time here], waiting for JPY to come on with those incredibly tight satin trousers, all those guys with the bad hair, just hanging on for 20 years waiting for hair product to be invented & but doing amazing things with hairspray and lard (honest, I'm sure I read that somewhere...) while they were waiting, and then, Molly, poor sad Molly, trying to be so serious, so deep, so meaningful, and nobody wanted to listen to him, he used to make me cringe when I saw him with 'real' rock stars (ie, not home grown) & you could see how they were looking at him going "who is this guy again?".  Ah, the memories.  Sherbert, Hush, Dragon, JPY, Skyhooks, Ted Mulry Gang... 

And why, you are asking, is she rambling on about Countdown?  Because, gentle readers, I am on the slippery slide down to 100 posts, the magic number when special secret secret special things happen, for you, out there.  Of course, it won't quite be like the joke my husband told me about West Virginia (he lived in the US for a couple of years & has some interesting stories...), the punchline is "oh, just you and me"... it'll be much classier than that, and it will involve one of these:

Made just for you, named, of course, Centurian.  Unless you think 'Count Down' is better.  Oh, that's quite clever, really.  Sometimes I surprise even myself.  

And of course, instead of the 'A' (for Aster, see previous posts if you really must absolutely have to can't live without knowing), it'll be a 'C'.  

And now, the real reason for this post (as my lovely wobbly friend over at Fluid Pudding says, the best bit is always at the bottom, you have to show real dedication & devotion to get here) (and of course the reward is sooooooooooo worth it) is that the shop name for me at is not IsabellaG (that's just my username, apparently) but is - wait for it "Isabella Golightly".  Whoda thunk?  Go, browse, enjoy.  And if you note the amazing resemblance of some items to some other items currently listed in some other online store, well, keep it to yourself, will you?


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