Sunday, 23 August 2009

A little world surfing

Well, I just finished making a birthday gift for my good friend GMcD, aka Hanna Sutherland, who has a birthday on Tuesday, and something else I can't talk about just now, but will post about it when I know it's hit the other end.

So I thought I'd share some pictures I took a couple of years back, on our first trip to the UK together.  They were the last shots I took with my trusty Nikon film camera, before I converted to digital.  They have a certain something, don't they?

Chihuly glass at the V&A - magnificent

This is holding up the roof in a church somewhere - gorgeous...

Fantasy land - hard to believe this was taken in St James' Park, isn't it?

My all-time favourite.  The staircase in Queen Mary's House, at Greenwich.  Some days you just get lucky!


  1. I am always so pleased when you post. I know you must have been busy because I've missed you this week.

    Thank you for sharing the pictures--I have to say St. James Park is my favorite! 'Fantasy Land' is right, I'm a Cinderella nut--I even have a Cinderella apron--I know, I know, I'm 43.


    However, that picture makes me want to turn my beloved dog into a horse (temporarily and he will be treated beautifully, just as he is as a dog), my son into a coachman (he, too, will be treated well--ha!) and my zucchini (no squash, it's the best I can do) into a carriage (I promise not to eat it!) and just drive on over (I already have my prince).

    Actually, I suppose I would have to FLY...wonder what Fed-Ex charges to transport zucchini carriages overseas theses days????

    Isabella, have a lovely day. Thank you for posting. Keep doing what you love--it obviously inspires you and makes you happy!

    Peace, love and happiness,
    "Diary Of A Sad Housewife"

  2. Thanks Jo, these pictures always cheer me up and I loved the mental image of you in your pumpkin coach - Cinderella was one of my favourite books as a little kid - all those beautiful gowns!


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