Friday, 9 October 2009

Yesterday upon the stair

I met a man who wasn't there... actually, today, I had a lovely email from one of my bloggie readers, "A Peppermint Penguin", who took the time to do my 'anonyblogger' challenge and posted successfully to my blog without having a google id or anything else...

It's every bloggers dream, you know, to actually have communication with people out in etherland, and I'm kind of envious of all those women in America who go to "BlogHer", except that I think they  might all be mid-western kind of white bread weirdos, completely unlike anybody I know.  Or not.  They might be all like Fluid Pudding, who is without a doubt one of the most original thinkers out there... she cracks me up.

So, here I am having cereal for dinner, (with a banana and low fat strawberry yoghurt, nothing unhealthy here), wondering why in Australia they say yo (rhymes with ho)-gurt, rather than yog (rhymes with jog)-urt.  Any answers?  

So, what does this weekend bring for the Golightly camp?  My lovely SIL is having a birthday, and she wants a shovel.  Much hilarity ensues, quotes from Ripping Yarns, and much discussion about the types and varieties of shovel... and she wants a bag for the shovel - I'm going to make a shoebag, and give it to her round the shovel - she did say she wanted a bag, and you know me, I just do what I'm told.  Well, kind of...

I'm thinking about using some of these:

Well, maybe not the zips, (I was going to make some pouches out of these, but shoe bags might be nicer...), but we'll see what comes out of the small but perfectly formed room tomorrow...


  1. Ooh, I feel positively famous now! Thanks!!

    Shovel... as in I call a spade a ******* shovel. Nice gift. If your SIL lived in Canada I'd assume it was to dig the car out of the snowdrifts in the winter. But it can't be that.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Just found you over on 'all toile and no reward' and enjoyed reading your theories on lost followers... would love to see the 'shovel' bag once you've finished it. If you SIL is a gardener (theories on shovelling) maybe she'd like a baggie to carry her gardening bits and bobs around the garden in? From those fabrics it will be positively pretty!

  3. No, no snow-shoveling involved, APP, just a new house with a lot of paving & an overwhelming desire to get hot & sweaty. Weird, huh?

    Hi Kylie! I'm giving the baggie lots of thought, I won some oilcloth earlier this year over on Susie's blog at 'justlovethatfabric' & still haven't worked out what to do with it, so this could be it!


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