Sunday, 22 November 2009

Just in case you thought you'd seen the last of me today...

You were obviously wrong.  I've had a productive day, finishing the last of the pouches ordered by my WMIL, and also whipping up an order for the lovely Xine67, who wanted something made with this gorgeous Marimekko fabric:

So today, we did this:

And here are the finished smaller ones:

And now I'm thinking about Paddle Pops, Magnums, Streets Blue Ribbon Vanilla... various forms of ice cream.  Yum.


  1. That is one productive day! I like them all, but I'm particularly keen on the one with the Green Polka Dot lining. Nice.

    Where do you get your zips and lobster clips? Not that I'm likely to go there, just nosy!


  2. So gorgeous! Especially love the one in Marimekko fabric. Yum!


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