Sunday, 8 November 2009

OMG, somebody pour me onto the couch...

7.00am & I'm awake, so it must be Sunday.  Ick.  Up.  Peanut butter & honey on raisin toast & irish breakfast tea (twinings, of course).  3 slices (naughty but nice).  Somebody left the cake out in the rain... no, no, stop that.  Somebody put the peanut butter in the fridge.  Fine for them as likes their toast hot.  Not so fine for the refined types who also frequent this hotel & like their toast cold.  Cold peanut butter is very hard to spread.  

Spend an inordinate amount of time looking for two particular fabrics, which I have in my tiny mind as being in a big box.  But of course they aren't, are they?  They're in a small box, and it takes me 30 minutes to find them. Put on load of washing.  Go outside in PJ's & inspect existing loads of washing on line from yesterday.  Nearly dry.  Check sky.  Nearly damp.  Decide to live a little & risk it.  20 minutes later, emerging from shower to hear rain falling down drain pipe.  Curse.

Rush outside (back in PJ's) & salvage washing.  Hang to dry on newly acquired aluminium clothes horse, guaranteed never to rust.  The horse, that is, not the washing.  I have had clothing rust, but a paste of lemon juice & salt will get rid of rust stains quite nicely, I've discovered.  Go back inside & continue the cutting out thingy.  Keep working on that until MWH arises at 9.30am, discuss day's program with him, put washing out, put next load of washing on... keep cutting and sewing, cutting and sewing...

Pop out at 11.00 to buy the Birthday BBQ for MWH, god, how much fun is that (not).  Stainless steel versus cast iron, number of burners, hood versus no hood, built-in versus trolley, natural gas versus LPG... then home again to do more toy bag sewing, strip the bed, another load of washing, iron things for work tomorrow, pop out again to pick up the BBQ from the shop, more washing (god, was it interminable this weekend or what?), cook dinner... god what a day.  

yada yada yada...

On happier, less domestic notes, the Tree Waratah in our front garden has flowered, for the first time since it went in, in 2005.  It's going to be gorgeous when it reaches its full 10 metres:

Our native Magnolia is also flowering, a bit harder to see, but given away by the buzzing of bees which flock to the gorgeous creamy white flowers:

Two of the toy bags are finished:

and one to go... 

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