Sunday, 28 February 2010

No peeking...

So, what do you get if you take these, and work some magic?

Potential for a swap with lovely Susie, from "I just love that fabric", don't you think?  I worked a little magic this afternoon and turned those beautiful parts into a more beautiful whole...

She's pretty gorgeous, I have to say - I got to use some fabrics I haven't used for anything else before - here she is waiting to have her tummy scratched:

And here's the side view:

The colours are lovely, even though they might not be what you'd see running in the park... I hope she likes it! 


  1. She is pretty gorgeous, im so looking forward to having her over. Its those eyes. Thank you so much for the swap. Your oilcloth will be on its way.

    Susie x

  2. susan - Shes here, shes arrived, thank you so much for the swap, I love her. I have linked back from my blog.


  3. I just saw this sweet little pup at the Love That Fabric blog. I'll be smiling for weeks everytime I think of this. It's wonderful.


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