Sunday, 7 February 2010

Rain rain go away

Well, actually, don't, but could you at least let me get the washing dry?  I've tumbled-dried sheets and towels, but some things I just refuse to put in the dryer (who doesn't remember what the industrial-strength tumble dryers at the laundromat/laundrette did to your bras, back before we owned our own laundry equipment?) & so the back of our house looks like a chinese laundry... and none of it is any drier than it was when I put it out yesterday!

Apart from this:

Full Yard Set - Erin McMorris' Park Slope Collection, 4  Yards Total

which turned up earlier in the week from here, and although I know they're old and have been superceded by equal bouts of loveliness (actually, if I never have to look at that whole Wildwood collection ever again, it won't break my heart, you know why...) but there's something just so fantastic about the combinations you can make with them that I wanted to buy some to keep.  Forever.  

When lovely Clare from Lulu Carter visited me, we talked about how to keep favourite fabrics forever (hey, we could start a club, the 'FFF Wits'.  Nice...) and I commented that I'd seen it done on her blog and that's my plan, long term - pieces of my favourite fabrics, in embroidery frames, on a wall.  Nice.  When?  Who the FFF knows?
Thank you Miss Lulu for letting me share your image!

In other news from The House of Wet Washing & The Outlaw Josie Wales*, I made this:
which is going off to Brisvegas, for a lovely customer who lives in NZ, and I spent some time ogling these, which came from the V&A, one of my all-time favourite places in the world, as a slightly late but I wasn't going to mention it birthday gift from Doc Rosie and her other super-talented daughter, Miss Alix, who lives in London (hello, yes, April, not long now)...


Trouble is, when given ribbon as beautiful as this, you never want to use it, so you start hoarding.... (joke... 'start' was a very long time ago!)... and then you need a bigger house!

Now, off to break my fast, move my washing & sit in my lavender-scented Small But Perfectly Formed room, and make a dog!


*Mr Golightly spent yesterday watching Clint Eastwood movies.  What else would you do?


  1. Haha now I understand why my gutters look like yours! At least you have a dryer. All my stuff is hanging on racks and after 30 hours is still as wet as when I first put it out! Long live the FFF wits!

  2. Sorry it was a little late but we did buy it well before your birthday! Hope the work calms down and see you very soon :-) xxxx

  3. Anonymous commenter, you must know I was extremely grateful for the thought, the effort AND the gift, and only used the small whinge about the timeframe as an aside... being born when I was, I'm always grateful to actually get a gift, no matter when it turns up!


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