Friday, 30 April 2010

Triptease IV - Unstuck!

Goodness me, Gentle Readers, but it's nice to be home!

We had one of those magical arrivals in Sydney last night, with the full moon shining gently down on the black velvet of Sydney, all sparkly with spangles, sequins and beads... and the harbour looking like a shiny satin ribbon woven through it all...just gorgeous.  I actually sang the first few lines of that Paul Kelly masterpiece...

"Have you ever seen Sydney from a 747 at night?
Sydney shines such a beautiful light
And I can see Bondi through my window way off to the right
And the curling waves on a distant break
And the sleeping city just about to wake
Have you ever seen Sydney from a 747 at night?"**

Paul Kelly for Poet Laureate, I say.

We were home by 8.30pm, pottered around until about 10.30pm, (actually, read that as "Mr Golightly spent time on the phone with the First Bank in Australia, convincing them we weren't committing Credit Card Fraud"), then off to bed, only to rudely awake at 3.30am.  I waited until 4.00am, then got up to fiddle with my pictures.

Oh, you want to see some?  In order of the journey, then:



Ostea Antica:




Rome II:

Nice Ville station:

Paris (from a taxi):

Dieppe (from the Dieppe to Newhaven ferry) :

Brighton (well, "Hove, actually"):

Home again home again jiggity jig.  Phew.

More later.  Ciao!

**Lyrics copyright Paul Kelly

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  1. Glad you safe and sound!

    hope the lag isn't too awful.



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