Saturday, 29 May 2010

And now I'm really annoyed

So... for a while now at the August Institution that employs me, I have spent the nanosecond that is laughingly referred to as a "Lunch Break" by reading some blogs I follow, and some I don't .. it's a harmless way to waste a bit of time, and I have even, on the odd occasion, posted a note here from the office.  There's no harm in it, as far as I can see... however...

They have now blocked access to blogs, particularly those which are hosted by Typepad, Blogspot, Blogger, LiveJournal or MySpace.  OK, so I understand about the social networking sites, I really do.  But the blogs?  What possible harm can there be from reading about Felicity & her ongoing adventure in the Kimberley?  What damage can Sharon Lee & Steve Miller possibly do to a huge filthy rich multi-national August Institution?   I'm cross, gentle readers, very cross.

Of course, my cross-ness may have something to do with the 51 hours I worked there last week, but then again, perhaps not.  I might just be a cross person who's found something new to whinge about, but I don't think so.  I like to think I'm generally upbeat & cheerful, but I'll admit to being quite vocal if I'm unhappy about something.  I am not like a lot of Aussies who will suffer stoically, internalising all rage and taking it all out on the cat/dog/child/spouse/ colleagues/opposition leader/football referees.  Really.  No, really.

Anyway, on a happier note, these were waiting for me when I got home - I love to come home to a parcel of fabric on the doorstep!

Japanese Fabric - Writing on Cotton Linen Fabric - Half Yard

Japanese Fabric - Blue Elephants on White - Half Yard

Red, White and Blue Dots - Japanese Trim - One Yard

And the second best thing about buying from Japan?  6 days turnaround.  Fabulous!  When I've made something gorgeous with this, I'll post some pictures.  Honest.

And now, gentle reader, I am going off to the Small But Perfectly Formed room to finish the pouches for my WMIL*.

And I have news, exciting news, but I can't tell you yet.  Although, given that where I work has blocked access to blogs, maybe I can**!

*Wonderful Mother-In-Law
**I'm moving to work in the City!  Shhhh!


  1. I actually read some research that said allowing social networking in the workplace was more productive than not. People tended to stay at their desks and multi task rather than take advantage of designated breaks. Cruel and unusual punishment to ruin your lunch break!

  2. Cruel and unusual punishment indeed. Just the sort of thing to garner loyalty in an employee.

    I see your annoyed and raise you *%$*(@#&£**!!!!$%^. Don't ask. You don't need my reasons to be annoyed to add to your own!?

    Have fun with the pretties from the parcel.


  3. Ah, blogs were blocked for a bit in our office, and then they weren't. Not sure what the rationale was. For blocking and then unblocking.
    Cloud Control. I am a music editor so had a pre-release sent to me. That said, it should be well and truly available in stores now.


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