Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Was it something I said?

I note that between going on holidays and coming back I lost a follower... was it something I said, or more the fact that I've kind of morphed away from burbling on about the crafty things I make, and am now just burbling along???

Just wondering.  

Anyway, if you do still drop by from time to time, just to check if things have returned to their crafty origins, please leave me a note saying why you stopped following... as a novice blogger (but master-burbler), I want to make sure you keep reading by writing exactly what you want to read.  Actually, that's a load of crap, but it might make you feel better?  Maybe?

But I digress (no surprises there...) - we were lucky enough to spend the weekend with our lovely friends Kaz & Az, where we spent a very relaxing weekend eating, drinking and the odd spot of nature-watching:

All left behind by the wildlife living in the reeds...

Damn but birds are hard to photograph!  Can't say the same about Zoe Dog, who just has a knack for knowing when to stand still and look gorgeous!

And in the garden, the three stages of the Rose's life:

and we met this little cutie:

and I didn't even take the sewing machine, fabric or zippers with me - how very slothful! 

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